A Holiday Treat for Santa: Blondies

Santa works hard all year to make Christmas day magical for kids all over the world. He needs something caloric and high fat to sustain him through the night, don’t you think? Enter some ooey, gooey, fabulous blondies.

This was my first time making blondies and I was shocked with how good they were. I just assumed Blondies tasted as boring as they looked. With toasted nuts, white and dark chocolate, there was no chance of that happening. If you’re rummaging around your cupboards looking for ingredients to make a treat for Santa- try these. You’ll likely have everything you need on hand!

And just like that, it’s almost Christmas. We will be celebrating by ourselves in little ol’ Fort Leonard Wood, but are looking forward to a quick visit from my parents on the 26th. Then my daughter turns 3 on the 27th so we’ll have even more celebrating to do. As we approach the New Year, expect to see posts on a (hopefully) more regular basis. I’ll be sure to start the New Year off with some healthy good eats.

At the end of this post, I’ve linked up to some of my Holiday posts from last year. Enjoy your food and your company!

and if you missed these posts from last year, check them out if you still need menu ideas!

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Merry Christmas friends!!!

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