Friday Favorites


Happy Halloween friends! I am not sure I will ever say "it was a slow week". Not now at least. Perhaps when all four kids have gone off to college? Maybe then. But hey, I had time to discover, love and share my favorites with you guys so let's dive into Friday Favorites!   Favorite Meal If you see this brand anywhere, currently at my Costco, buy it! It is so good for a quick meal when you don't have time to cook (which seems to be happening more and more over here). I love it because it's not a cuisine I normally cook at home so I feel like it's a perfect splurge (I … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Cream Cheese


I was at Target the other day....can we just pause for a moment and talk about how great Target is? No, we don't even have to, it's just known to all. I love that I can go and get toiletries, cute clothes and a few groceries if needed. It's my happy long as I am not with all 4 of my children, then it's a madhouse because even they get so excited when they are there that they beg for everything. On this particular trip I had to return some clothes and then afterwards I headed over to the grocery section to grab some milk. I passed Philadelphia brand pumpkin cream cheese and … [Read more...]

Tricks for Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables #ILikeVeggies


How do you get kids to eat their veggies? Whether you're a parent, a nanny, a pre-school teacher, you may have come across a picky eater or two. Having 4 kids of my own, I know it's not easy getting them to try new vegetables or even familiar vegetables that they have already determined they don't like. This year, Birds Eye has teamed up with Melissa d’Arabian, celebrity chef, mom of four, and host of’s web series The Picky Eaters Project, to make a difference and help moms with the dinnertime dilemma. Birds Eye provides families with tasty, nutritious veggies that kids … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.28.29 PM

Hey friends! It's been a good week, yes? We are sailing right into Halloween week- we've got a Halloween fall festival to kick start it this weekend! Did I tell you we got rid of cable? Well we did. It was my hubby's idea and was costing us (with internet) $175 which is pretty crazy considering we don't watch much TV anyway! A few nights a week I might curl up on the couch to watch something, but I can't remember the last time I turned on the TV during the week. Usually the hubs and I catch up with our favorite programs over the weekend, Parenthood and Sherlock (a season behind on … [Read more...]

Blackened Seasoning Mix and Blackened Fish Recipe


Hi friends! I am excited to participate in Recipe Redux for the first time, a recipe challenge group founded by Registered Dietitians. What happens here is a group of bloggers (aka "the recipe redux members") create a recipe each month using an assigned theme. It's all about reinventing healthy eating. I always enjoy seeing the creativity that goes into these posts, plus it's a great way to find new blogs. Our theme this month is "Spooky Spices", you know those spices that are lurking in the back of your spice cabinet collecting dust. Well we are putting those spices to good use … [Read more...]

Chocolate Nut Butter Rice Crispy Treats

Chocolate Nut Butter Rice Crispy Treats |

My oldest baby boy turned 8 over the weekend! His birthday kicks off the beginning of the birthday/holiday extravaganza over at our house where the rest of us will follow until the year comes to an end. He was super laid back about the party plans this year. He chose to invite 4 classmates to Chuck E Cheese, plus his grandma and great-grandma came to visit from Texas (my mom and grandma) so it was a fun weekend celebrating. oops, forgot the mouth and fangs, but it's still a cute bat! In addition to the delicious chocolate cake I make every year for him (I use this recipe), I did a … [Read more...]

Tofu Scramble #LovingTofu


One of my favorite ways to cook with tofu is this tofu scramble. I started making it years ago when I did my vegan experiment and now, though not vegan, enjoy making it on a regular basis. It doesn't replace my eggs, it's just something different and it's awesome. Tofu, a great protein source for both vegetarians and meat eaters, is normally pretty bland which makes it a great canvas for spices and other flavor additives like garlic, soy sauce and veggies! When I was asked to create a recipe using Mori-Nu tofu I knew that I needed to share this one with you. First let me tell you … [Read more...]

A Weekend Away


  I needed to get out. I just needed a change in scenery and a chance to relax and not worry about anything. However traveling with 4 kids can easily counteract any sort of relaxing vacation- the packing, the hauling, the new environment, the lack of sleep (which always happens in new places) so we thought we shouldn't go anywhere that would require too much energy or time in getting there. What did we came up with? A log cabin on the river a couple of hours away, in the woods with absolutely nothing on the agenda other than to fish (for the hubby), play (for the kids), zone out and … [Read more...]

Stitch Fix Reviews 6 & 7


HI friends, I thought I'd share my 6th and 7th Stitch Fix boxes with you today. I am thinking about turning my blog into a fashion blog. Kidding. I just love Stitch Fix and love seeing what others get in their boxes so here we go. It sound like everybody has jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon by now, but if you haven't or don't know about it, it's a personal stylist subscription where they send you a box of clothing that have been hand-picked for you by your own personal stylist.  Here are all the details and link to the site (note: using my referral link will give me a $25 credit … [Read more...]

Grilled Cheese with Pesto and Tomato


Cheesey, buttery, white bread, grilled cheese. That's how I remember eating them as a kid. Not exactly a health food, and they aren't the easiest to light-up with the exception of reducing the amount of butter and cheese used and throwing in some veggies (or fruit) like this tomato! Although I love a good grilled cheese, I don't make them that often. You would think mom of 4 kids would be making grilled cheese all the time. The thought actually popped into my head the other night on one of our busy soccer days- "it's been a while since I've made grilled cheese kids" let's have that for … [Read more...]