Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies {Gluten Free}


I'm so glad the guide to gluten free flours was helpful to some of you. I decided to experiment with one of my all-purpose flour mixes and make some chocolate chip cookies using leftover Easter candy. I don't know when Easter became this Holiday all about candy. I swear my kids got more on the neighborhood egg hunt than they did trick-or-treating. Crazy I tell ya! I am pretty strict with sweets during the week because a while back my kids went through a phase where they begged me for dessert all day every day. Child 1: "Mommmmm can I have a piece of candy (9:30am)?", Me: "no". Child 2: … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookie Round-Up


I don't bake a whole lot of cookies year round, with the exception of good ol' chocolate chip cookies so when it comes December I LOVE trying new cookie recipes. Baking is just more fun in December. It's a fact. Cookies are great to bring to the Holiday table, office party or just to have on hand for Santa. Like I said in my last post, I always do roll-out sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies to decorate with the kids, but as you can see from this Christmas Cookie Round-Up, there are so many more options! I absolutely love these peanut butter kiss cookies . They are flourless, gluten … [Read more...]

Christmas Chocolate Drops with Dove® Chocolate

Christmas Chocoalte Drops |

I love Holiday baking. I don't know why it's so much more fun than baking any other time of year. I suppose the excitement of the Holidays is in the air, Christmas music is playing (well maybe not quite yet), we are thinking about the time we'll spend with our loved ones. It's a magical time of year. Today I am sharing a cookie recipe, Christmas Chocolate Drops, that features DOVE® dark chocolate. The reason this recipe appealed to me is it only calls for 1/3 cup of flour and a greater quantity of chocolate and nuts. I could tell it would be chewy, chocolaty and nutty and a little … [Read more...]

No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookies


I don't use protein powder very often, but my husband likes it in his smoothies and once in a while I will add it to mine too. We finally run out of our giant ol' tub that lasted about a year and I got to try a new brand and DELICIOUS flavor, sweet cream. I used Vi-Shape shake mix from Visalus. You would not believe the smell when I opened the bag, it reminded me of walking into an ice cream shop. So delicious smelling which I don't think I've ever said about protein powder! Ha! They're not lying when they say it's "the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix". The mix is low fat … [Read more...]

Flourless Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies ( Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies-1-6

Congratulations to Katie C. the winner of the Uncommon Goods Giveaway! I know you will enjoy the gifts as much as I did! Hi friends. It has been way too long. I am back from vacation in San Diego and totally behind schedule. I planned on blogging while I was there but I took my lap top which I don't usually blog from and it was so slow that I couldn't handle wasting precious vacation time trying to post. I didn't take many real photos but if you are on instagram you can see a few of the ones I did take while in San Diego (click on the IG button up top). We hit up Disneyland, California … [Read more...]

Move Over Girl Scouts: Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie


I haven't posted a splurge-worthy recipe in a LONG time so look away if you are trying to fit into a bathing suit by the summer time. Look away if you are watching what you're eating. You're going to want one of these cookies now. And you will make a batch and want to eat them all and you will hate me for it. So if you like cookies, just look away. Pretend like you never saw this. For those of you who are accepting of the splurge, these cookies were awesome. They resembled the Girl Scout Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie, only WAY, WAY, WAY better. First off, they are much bigger, the … [Read more...]

A Holiday No-Bake Treat: Butterscotch Haystacks


Whether you're making cookies for Santa, your neighbor or to enjoy at home, December is full of baking and treats. I, like many others, love to bake and eat sweets. How do I manage to do it and not gain weight? Easy! I exercise consistently and share my goodies. I also eat healthy meals daily which helps to balance out my calories. One thing I've been doing lately is to make a small plate of crudite (raw veggies) and dip for us to eat before dinner (usually while I am cooking). That way, I know we're getting extra veggies into our diet and it helps us to not feel so hungry for dinner (our favs … [Read more...]

German Chocolate Mousse & Valentine’s Cookies

german choc mousse-0722

Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate. I mean seriously, I'd like to meet the person who says they don't like it. For some reason, I crave chocolate even more during Valentine's day. I have trained my husband to include a box of chocolates as part of the gift exchange. Non-negotiable. I love picking through the flavors and end up throwing away a half eaten box, but there is always the excitement of knowing the whole box is for me! Since we had kids 4 years ago, we stopped going out to dinner on Valentine's day and instead cook at home after the kids go to bed. For me it's just as nice … [Read more...]