Beano Before Your First Bite & Beans and Greens Soup

Beans and Green Soup

The following post is sponsored by Zest Placements on behalf of Beano. I can't tell you how many clients I have worked with in the past who avoided eating healthy foods like cabbage, beans, certain fruits and vegetables just because it caused them to have gas. Although bad gas can certainly be uncomfortable, it doesn't have to be the reason for giving up those healthy foods. Has anyone ever tried Beano? Beano contains a natural enzyme that works with your body's digestion to break down complex carbohydrates found in gassy foods so it helps to prevent gas before it starts. I have … [Read more...]

Roasted Tomato Soup with Basil {Vegan and Gluten Free}

Roasted Tomato Soup with Basil |

Goodbye September, let the craziness begins! October officially marks the start of the fun, albeit insanely busy time of year- not only is there excitement from the Holidays but my 3 kids have upcoming birthdays- one in October, one in November, one in December along with my birthday, and then baby #4 is due the very beginning of January. This time of year always flies by so I enjoyed one of the last few weekends where we really had nothing to do. I got home from church yesterday and wanted something warm to fill my tummy. We've had nonstop rain all weekend and I just felt like cozying up … [Read more...]

Tomato Kale Soup and Meal Planning


What do you get when you have a big bag of kale to be used, a husband with a cold and a Dietitian wife trying to make him better? Homemade tomato kale soup! I have been trying hard to work on my own recipes- as in no adaptations, no inspiration or guidance from cookbooks or the internet and ya know what? It's not easy! Sometimes the recipes-in-progress take several tweaks or repeats until I get them right which makes blogging tough. It can be expensive and a long evolution so to all those food bloggers that post all (or mostly) original recipes, kudos to you! This soup however, I dreamed up … [Read more...]

Introducing ZipList’s Online Recipe Box and a Recipe for Jalapeno-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

Jalapeno-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup-1

If you missed my last post, make sure to check out my Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal and pretty please VOTE for my recipe. It literally takes a few seconds and you will be entered to win $1,000 gift card! Wouldn't that be perfect for the Holidays? If my recipe wins I will be featured in Quakers newsletter which would be pretty cool (maybe not as cool as $1,000 though!). You can vote up to 25 times to increase your chances of winning but it ends Monday night. Let's do it! Before I get to today's recipe I am excited to share a brand new feature on my blog. All my recipes will now have a blue "save … [Read more...]

A Surprise From a Neighbor and Recipe for Spicy Gazpacho


I have wanted to make gazpacho all summer. It has been way to long since I made it last, but then fall arrived and I got over it. Then two things happened: we had a burst of lovely warm weather and our neighbors dropped off a gigantic basket full of vegetables from their garden (carrots, bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, tons of tomatoes, chili peppers). I was a bit in shock that neighbors who we really don't know that well would give us so much! It was very heart-warming and reminds you that there are kind people all around us. So after the shock wore off, I looked at the beautiful … [Read more...]

Welcome Fall with a Classic: Split Pea and Ham Soup

Split Pea Soup-1

This soup won't earn many accolades on it's appearance and since we eat with our eyes it's shocking that anyone has ever tried it! It is hard to make this soup look delcious but it sure is delicious tasting. If you aren't a fan or have never tried it, trust's thick, smokey, garlicy, hearty, warm and full of flavor. Bonus: it's so easy to make! I never would have thought that I liked split pea soup but when I made it using this recipe for the first time years ago I was hooked. I'll be honest, the smell just after you simmer the plain split peas isn't the most appealing; it's when it … [Read more...]

Secrets to Longevity & Greek Lemon Chicken Soup (Avgolemono)


I am so glad that the temps dropped from high 80s to the low 40s just so I could post this recipe. You never know when it's going to be a soup day. My grandparents are Greek and there a few things that my Grandmother makes that will always remind me of her: her Greek cookies, roasted Greek chicken and avgolemono soup. This soup is so yummy and comforting, bursting with lemon flavor. This isn't her recipe but a modified version. I am so lucky to have both of my grandparents still around and active (Gigi lives in Texas down the street from my parents and Grandpa lives in Michigan). My … [Read more...]

Mom’s Simple Chicken Tortilla Soup


I have about 4 different versions of tortilla soup that I make and this is the go-to quick version. My mom actually came up with it. This is how it evolved. When we were home visited in March she decided to make tortilla soup for dinner. She was out running errands late in the afternoon and called me and said "can you get the soup started? Just throw some onion and garlic in the pot to saute.......and if you want you can add the canned tomatoes. Oh and then just throw in the shredded chicken in the fridge and the broth. I'll be home in about 15 minutes to finish it". "Ok" I said. Well she … [Read more...]

Quick Fix Dinner: Creamy Tomato Soup

tom soup-1129

If you would've asked me if I liked tomato soup before I made this soup for the first time I would have said "no, blech, yuck". I am pretty sure the only tomato soup I had eaten back in the day was the canned version (when I was younger and as a result almost scared for life). This creamy tomato soup tastes nothing like the dreadful canned soup- it tastes like pizza in a bowl and it is delicious. You can't beat having homemade soup on the table in 15 minutes! My mom shared this recipe with me many years ago and I am so glad she did. It is a breeze to whip up and uses ingredients that you can … [Read more...]

Hearty Vegetable Soup

RR Veg stoup-1006

There was a time that I wasn't very fond of soup. Just wasn't interested in them at all. Then I started making my own and realized soup is one of the easiest things to make and I love being able to control the fat and sodium. Sorry folks, but soup is not where I want to waste my calories and fat grams. I'd rather have fried chicken. This is vegetable soup recipe from Mrs. Rachael Ray, the girl who taught me to cook. Kind of. Back when I lived in San Diego and worked the early shift (and didn't have kids) I'd get home at 3:30pm and watch back to back episodes of Rachael Ray's 30 minute … [Read more...]