Kids in the Kitchen & Blueberry Muffins

Due to all the rain we’ve had recently, I have been searching for crafts and things to do with the kids around the house. I can always count on them wanting to bake with me so I knew this would be the perfect activity for one rainy morning. If you haven’t cooked with your kids, I highly recommend it. Getting them involved in the cooking/baking can really help prevent them from being picky eaters. They take pride in helping- stirring, pouring, tasting and my 4 year old is now old enough to crack the eggs. What fun! Of course it can be a great learning lesson- simple addition (i.e. counting eggs), measuring item, teaching them about the ingredients you are using and why they are good for you. If you aren’t a big baker/cook, start with something simple- maybe some boxed bran or corn muffins. Have fun with your kids- don’t worry if they make more of a mess or if it takes twice as long to make the food. The important thing to remember is that kids are learning from a young age to responsible for their food and will hopefully not grow up having to rely on drive-throughs and frozen foods.

I have experimented with “low-fat” blueberry muffins for some time and I’ve never found one that is moist and delicious. Nowadays, I don’t worry so much about finding low fat baking recipes. I always use low fat dairy products in exchange for regular and look for ways to bump up the nutrition through the use of whole wheat flour, flax, fruit, etc. I have no issues with baking with butter or oil (as long as it’s not in crazy excess) and focus more on eating the baked goods in moderation. Trust me, often the “low fat” baked items contain just as many calories and more sugar than the others and just aren’t as satisfying.

This is one of the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe I found online. I made a couple changes, but it is a delicious, moist muffin that you and your kids will love!

Here is a great little trick- rub your muffin pan with butter to prevent the muffin overflow from sticking. Makes clean up a cinch. Note: it’s best to do this before putting in the muffin tins and filling them. So ignore the picture-(it’s not a very good picture anyway). I did it after the fact like a dummy.

In the oven they go! Now, the hard part- waiting (and cleaning up).

I literally turned my back for 2 seconds to put the bowl in the sink and my daughter had already helped herself to the batter. She’s a natural!

You can’t tell from the bottom picture, but these muffins really are loaded with blueberries. YUM!

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  1. mimi says

    Yum, those sound and look really good. AM always looking for a good muffin not too sweet or high in fat but not too light either. The kids look like they’re really enjoying it–especially Sage–isn’t she precious!!! Can just see Lucas cracking the eggs:) Cute!! XO Mimi

  2. says

    Yum! I love blueberry muffins, and these look delish! It’s so great that you are getting your kids in the kitchen to cook and bake with you. Licking the beaters was always my favorite part when I was a kid too!

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