Stitch Fix Review #5


Hello friends!

Well my lil guy Roman spent Sat/Sunday in the hospital. He was having asthma-like symptoms (coughing/wheezing/difficultly breathing) so my hubby took him to the ER on Saturday around 1:30pm. They gave him breathing treatments for over an hour and decided to keep him overnight to monitor him. He ended up getting steroids and a bunch more of the albuterol to help with his breathing. I have never had any of my children stay at the hospital for an illness so it was really a weird feeling to not be there with him. Once the kids and I visited that evening I could tell he was doing better and wasn’t as worried.

Anyway, it was a fairly unproductive week food-wise to today I am going to share my last Stitch Fix box with you!

Some of you might have seen a sneak peak of it-  I posted my goods on Facebook and Instagram because this time around I needed help.

So here is what I got and what I ended up keeping!

P.S. This service is still working for me (obviously) because I simply don’t get out to shop much at all. I have cut way down on online shopping as well so I can allow myself to spend some extra money on Stitch Fix.

If you were thinking of signing up, it would be awesome if you used my referral link because then I’ll get a $25 credit towards my stuff (and you can get the same referral credit when you get your friends to sign up). Anyway, on to the items in my fifth box!

1. Kelsie Braided Detail Belted Maxi Dress

Well I got a lot of mixed reviews from friends on this dress. The consensus was that everyone loved it, but several thought it looked too big on me. It’s an XS so there was no chance in getting a smaller size. After thinking about it, trying it on for the hubs, we agreed that was just the style and in person I don’t think it looks quite as big as in this picture. The reasons why I loved it so much was because of the snap closure making it perfect for nursing, the cute slits up the side to make it a little sexy and the material was so comfy I could see myself wearing it all day, and into the night if needed.


Status: Kept


2. Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean

These are made from Just Black, the same jeans I got in my previous fix but a different style and color. These have the cute ankle zip and fit sort of like leggings! Super comfy



Status: Kept


3. May Damask Print Knit Back Top

I immediately fell in love with this print but the negatives for me 1) dry clean only 2) it had a boxy cut that from the (sheer) back wasn’t that flattering….and for those reasons



Status: Returned


4. Jayde Layered Floral Print Tank

I requested something floral in previous box and ended up sending it back. I don’t own any floral pieces and just wanted one. I loved the flowy detail of this and the racer back. It looks really cute with the olive jeans they sent.


please excuse the disaster in my room that day. We had the pack n play set up and everything was a mess.


Status: Kept


5. Chambers Crochet Striped Silk Tank

Oh I just loved this simple tank with the pretty crochet detail. I actually needed a simple black top but the negative (again) was that this was made from silk and dry clean only. Hello…mother of 4 small children. No can do. It was also on the pricy side otherwise I probably would’ve kept it anyway.

IMG_4938 IMG_4956

Status: Returned


So I kept 3, returned 2 and was very happy with this box. I would’ve keep it all if money was no object, saving the more delicate pieces for date nights but it’s ok.


Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Are you having success with it?

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Woo hoo!

Actually as a stay-at-home mom, Fridays don’t have quite the same meaning to me as before when I was in the workplace, BUT I do love having the hubby home and not being on any schedule so yay for that!

Let’s dive right into Friday Favorites!


Favorite meal

We have been having salads almost every night during the week lately. My favorite this week was this simple BBQ chicken salad. I grilled chicken breasts and basted them in Stubbs BBQ sauce. Then sliced up the chicken and tossed it on some romaine with cilantro, cheddar, leftover broccoli, a little homemade ranch and extra barbecue sauce as additional dressing. We were basically cleaning the fridge and cupboards this week. I made a side of a quinoa/wild rice blend to go on the side. Yummy!


Friday Favorites


Favorite book

I have now checked out this cookbook twice from the library which means I think I just need to buy it. Although I’ve only tried one recipe, there is just something about it I love. Deb of Smitten Kitchen has a big blog- what I mean by “big” is a big following. Although her site comes up quite often when I’m googling recipes, sometimes it’s just nice to hold a cookbook in your hands.

photo 1


Favorite trend

This week, my favorite new trend is the “glammed out” headband. I actually don’t have the face for headbands. What is the face for headbands you might wonder? I don’t know, but it’s not mine. I can’t flatten out my head on top or I look weird BUT I could wear one of these with a high bun that I typically sport (or I think I am going to try at least). Which one do you like best??

#1 This filagree design…..





Or #3??


Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.58.29 PM


Favorite snack

We’ve been trying to cut down on our spending the past two weeks, mainly groceries for me, so I am now buying the Kirkland brand yogurt in bulk. 24 grams of protein per cup! Even my kids eat it with a little jam swirled in.



but I am completely obsessed with this combo- about a half cup plain yogurt, a drizzle of agave syrup and a spoonful of natural peanut butter. Oh man, it’s like dessert… only so satisfying with all that protein!

photo 2


Favorite picture(s)

I mentioned my goal last week of getting out my good camera weekly to practice taking photos in manual setting of my kids (not just food!). Here is my favorite 2 year old, Roman. He has the best personality and I just love staying home with him. He is actually closer to 3 (a few months away) so I think he will be going to school on a regular basis 2 or 3 times a week in the morning. He is such a character and I am soooooooo lucky to be his mommy! And he needs a haircut asap.




Questions: Did you have any favorites this week? Which headband should I buy 1, 2 or 3?? Any new favorite foods this week?

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