Green Ways to Pack A Lunch

Hi friends! Today I want to talk about environmentally friendly ways to pack a lunch.  I always keep foil, saran wrap and plastic baggies on hand, but we rarely use them for our lunches because there are so many great reusable options.

For the month of August my three oldest are all attending my daughter’s year round Montessori school. They offer such a great curriculum and fun summer camps so everyone is super excited. The sweet owner of the school even offered my two year old (who will be 3 in November) a chance to attend for the month of August as well, his first time. I have been thinking about starting him 1 or 2 days a week during the school year so this will be a good trail period.

Friday was their first day back after summer break and upon packing their lunches, plus my husbands, I realized I don’t have enough lunch supplies for everyone. I made it a priority to order more this weekend which got me thinking about this post and wondering about everyone’s favorite products.

So let’s get going….

Of course there is good basic ol’ tupperware which I do use, but I find I need something a little more flexible when I am trying to fit a lot of food items into a lunch sack.

I have been using reusable lunch bags forever, all different brands, but I love trying out new ones. I will cover all the ones I own plus new ones I’ve recently ordered.



LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags Set – 3 Pack – Orange Crab, Navy Shark, Green Stripes
This is the first brand I ever tried and they worked pretty well, but after some time had a bit of a smell and discoloration to them. We did get a lot of use out of them though! I did like the nice velcro seal and that they can be washed in the dishwasher.



Set of 3 Wrap N Mat Reusable Sandwich Wrap Placemat in One Place Lunch Snack Eco

I originally found these at One Step Ahead- the couple we’ve had we’ve had for years and they are still in great condition. I just ordered a 3-pack from Amazon because it was a better price. These are definitely a favorite of mine for packing sandwiches, wraps, tacos, etc. Plus I love that they double as a mat to eat your food on. A must have for us!

Wrap n mat

green sprouts Safari Sandwich and Snack Bag, Pink Elephant, 2 Count

I bought a bunch of these a few months ago and I am really liking them so far. Easy to clean and no leftover smell.  I also like that they are see-through. Negative is they are not machine or dish washable. So far it hasn’t been a problem.

RedMonkeyGreenSproutsReusable Bags

SnackTAXI Far Out Floral Snack Sack

So many adorable prints, but the fabric used is probably my least favorite out of all the reusable snack bags we use. Advantage is they’re machine washable!


Sassy On the Go Feeding Set, Pink/Purple
We have had this one for years and I finally got around to order 2 more sets. This runs a little on the small side but perfect for my age kids (2, 5 and 7) and fits perfect in our lunch bags. For $10-12 bucks you can’t beat it. You can use it with the small containers set inside the big container (like little dividers) or you can use the containers on the side for extra storage.


Mackenzie All In One Lunchkit

I don’t own this but I’ve always liked the looks of it.  The big concern for me is we already have Pottery barn lunch bags we like and this stainless steel kit would not fit in our bags. Another draw back for me is there is no option for storing extra food items if something doesn’t fit in one of the compartments.


Bumkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag, Crocs, Large

I just ordered these so I can’t review them yet, but they are made from the same material as the Bumkins 3 Pack Waterproof SuperBib
which I have used with all of my kids- 7 years and counting!  I like that these have a zipper and are machine washable.



Thermos FOOGO Stainless Steel Food Jar, Blue, 10 Ounce

I love these for soup, pasta, scrambled eggs, etc. We also love the thermos cups- they are the best at keeping the kid’s drinks icy cold.

Thermos cup

Now these are not just for kids….ask my husband! He has no problem packing these fun bags in his lunch.

So tell me what do you use to pack your lunch? Any favorite products?

Hawaii Vacation Food Recap

Hello friends! I posted some pictures from our Hawaii vacation earlier this week and now I am moving on to the food we ate!

We definitely ate well on vacation, although we cooked ourselves the majority of the time. Eating out with that many people would have just been a pain and way too expensive. Of course we made exceptions for some of our Hawaii favorites like poke, malasadas (which are similar to donuts but not as sweet (shown in front) and shaved ice.

Let’s start with malasadas- they are a Portuguese confection, similar to a donut (front box) and they are amazing. They only make them fresh to order so when you pick them up they are warm and not overly sweet. Order cinnamon sugar from Agnes’ bake shop in Kailua or Leonard’s in Honolulu- the best!



Poke is this amazing raw fish seasoned in different ways- some are spicy, some with soy, ginger, onions, seaweed, etc. It’s the Hawaiian version of the Japenese sashimi. All delicious! You can find it at any grocery store and a lot of restaurants in Hawaii, typically as an appetizer.



Shaved ice is soooo much better than a snow cone. The ice is light and flakey in texture and they have the best flavors of syrup. You will see shaved ice places all over the island.



even Hawaii has some pretty good pizza- we had it once in Kauai and once in Oahu



Fresh tofu spring rolls were also a hit made by my sister-in-law.




We ate a ton of fish and yummy salads and delicious fish on the grill! I made the Asian Noodle Pasta Salad I shared on the blog last month.



I even brought some homemade spice rub so the hubs could smoke some chicken. Mmmm.



and Nuttzo wasn’t ever too far. Perfect for on-the-go snacking.



The most delicious roasted vegetable sandwich ever at this local homegrown cafe called Sweet Home Waimanalo.



Our one nice meal out was at Buzz’s steakhouse in Kailua which is known for their amazing fish and steak.

IMG_4758 IMG_4759


Boston style pizza….SO good. Loaded with garlic, yum!



I rarely order beef burgers out. I am just not a big meat eater but this place is one of our favorites, ever. It’s called Teddy’s Burgers and there are several locations in Hawaii. And now I am freaking out because as I just pulled it up online so I could link to it, I see there are two in Washington (probably no where near me but still!). I used to get turkey burger when I lived here because I didn’t eat red meat then, now I eat in very occasionally so I figured I better try a beef version. They use this special mustard sauce that is amazing.



aaaaand more shaved ice!



and more poke from Fresh Catch, which was featured on the Food Network for their poke bar….



and those are just some of the meals we had. I obviously didn’t take pictures of everything although looking back I should have!

We definitely ate well! Splurges were definitely made but we also ate a ton of salads and local, wild fish. I will miss the island flavors but I am also happy to be back in my kitchen. Now if only we had AC because it’s in the mid 80s and there is only one ceiling fan in this house and mama doesn’t want to turn the oven/stove on!!

See you soon!

Questions: Do you follow your usual diet on vacation or splurge? Favorite thing to eat in Hawaii? Have you had shaved ice? Have you ever had poke?


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