Cross-Training Benefits {Plus Workouts}


Hi friends! Today I am sharing a couple of workouts and talking about cross-training. Do you do it? Do you know why it's important? When I am training for a running race I tend to limit myself to just running which isn't a good thing. Cross training can definitely be incorporated into a training schedule; it's just a matter of doing it! Cross training is defined as engaging in various sports and exercises especially for well rounded health and muscular development.  Basically it's exercising various parts of the body, other than that of which you are training. So for runners, cross … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday

Dirty Dozen

Oh Friday, I am so happy you are here! I realized I haven't given you an update on my injured foot and I am sure you are all dying to know how it's feeling. Right? Right. So I took a good 2 weeks off from running after I went to the Doctor. I bought new running shoes that are good for high arches, such as mine. I took ibuprofen daily. I waited patiently for the pain to magically disappear. Um yeah, that didn't happen. I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to test it out. Since my rest period ended I have done about 4 runs, at no more than 3-4 miles per run. I am so frustrated that the … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: No-Equipment Needed Workouts + San Diego


Greetings from San Diego! I am so happy to be back here visiting. The last time I was here, over 6 years ago, and I was 5 months pregnant with my first child! I loved my time in San Diego. I originally moved with a high school friend because we were looking for a change. I was just finishing my Dietetic Internship in Boston and she was working in San Francisco. We decided if were going to find jobs in San Diego we just needed to move there. So we did! I took the first job I interviewed with at Scripps Mercy Hospital with their WIC program. I really enjoyed working with the high risk … [Read more...]