A Weekend Away


  I needed to get out. I just needed a change in scenery and a chance to relax and not worry about anything. However traveling with 4 kids can easily counteract any sort of relaxing vacation- the packing, the hauling, the new environment, the lack of sleep (which always happens in new places) so we thought we shouldn't go anywhere that would require too much energy or time in getting there. What did we came up with? A log cabin on the river a couple of hours away, in the woods with absolutely nothing on the agenda other than to fish (for the hubby), play (for the kids), zone out and … [Read more...]

Hawaii Vacation Recap


I am back from our 3 week vacation in Hawaii. We had a fabulous time and ended up with very spotty wifi so blogging wasn't doable. Sorry to leave you hanging for that long, but I know you understand! Since it will take me a little bit longer to get into the groove of blogging, I thought I could share some of vacation with you. Every other year the majority of our family gathers in Hawaii for a family reunion/vacation. This time we spent 10 days in Kauai and 11 days in Oahu, with our family (my husband's siblings and their families, my mother-in-law and my parents for the second half). … [Read more...]

Cooking With Kids & Resurrection Cookies

Cooking With Kids | www.nutritiouseats.com

The kitchen has always been the center of our home. My parent's kitchen has always been THE place to congregate- there is a huge island and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to their backyard. Whenever I go home, cooking dinner with extending family is what we do. The wine is poured, the appetizers are out and dinner in progress. It's always such a lovely time. Those face-to-face conversations in the kitchen are priceless and always flow so naturally over cooking food. Because of growing up with a focus on the kitchen as a place to gather, I love getting my children involved in … [Read more...]

Evangeline’s Birth Story- Part 2


Thanks for your patience in waiting for part 2 of Evangeline's birth story. You can read part 1 HERE if you haven't already! So this is where we left off, I went into the hospital Friday night December 27th.... I checked in, got sent back to a room around 5:30pm. The nurse on duty came to chat with me. She explained since my cervix was not favorable earlier in the day, that they would start by giving me a cervix ripening pill called misoprostol. I immediately felt dread. Having a miserable head cold and not having my husband there made me want to go running home....not stay up all … [Read more...]

Welcoming Baby!!


Happy 2014 friends! We ended the year with the most perfect gift, our baby GIRL was born just a few days before the new year! She is absolutely perfect in every way. Welcome to the world Evangeline May, born December 28th at 8:44pm, weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces, measuring 19 1/2 inches. We are recovering well and I can't wait to share more about her birth story soon! … [Read more...]

Exciting News!!!


I feel like I've been away from the world of blogging forever. Truly. Such an abnormal past month for me. Food has been far, far away from my mind. In fact, the majority of food pretty much makes me sick. And I can't go another day without telling you my secret and the reason why! I am super excited to announce that I am pregnant with #4! I know, crazy!! I am still in shock that I will be a mother of four children! Growing up with one brother, when I was younger I always imagined I'd have 2 kids as well, but once I started having them I knew that wasn't my path. My husband and I … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: No-Equipment Needed Workouts + San Diego


Greetings from San Diego! I am so happy to be back here visiting. The last time I was here, over 6 years ago, and I was 5 months pregnant with my first child! I loved my time in San Diego. I originally moved with a high school friend because we were looking for a change. I was just finishing my Dietetic Internship in Boston and she was working in San Francisco. We decided if were going to find jobs in San Diego we just needed to move there. So we did! I took the first job I interviewed with at Scripps Mercy Hospital with their WIC program. I really enjoyed working with the high risk … [Read more...]

Getting Caught Up and Sharing Some Link Love


Congratulations to Gretchen H. the winner of the Lululemon & Magazine Subscription to Vegetarian Times (her choice). Thank you so much to all who entered! Hello friends! I've missed you! How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I didn't intend to take off this long but I was a little under the weather on Sunday/Monday. I am all better though. My family left yesterday and although it's always sad to see them go especially since they live so far away, it will be good to get back on track and ready for our next adventure- our trip to San Diego! We had a lovely visit though- a delicious … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Monday

I am sitting here wondering what I should write about and I am coming up short, which is funny because I've had food on the brain a lot lately. The minute we had these fall-like temperatures, I couldn't help but think of food....soups, warm baked bread, the Holidays! Then there is my son's birthday next month (more food), the birth of our third child coming in the next 7 to 8 weeks so I am wondering how I'll fit it all in. Now I have so many things I want to cook, that I don't know where to start. One day it seems like it will be soup weather and the next day it's a perfect day for … [Read more...]