10 Ways to Increase Exercise in the New Year

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Are you struggling with fitting exercise into your schedule? Is this the year you want to lose weight, tone up, be more physically fit? I know I am so eager to get back in shape after having a baby. I have already started back to a routine, more on that soon. I want this to be my most active year yet. I am determined to look my best in what will probably be my busiest year. Up for the challenge too? I am over at the Mars Healthy Living blog today taking about 10 ways to Increase your Exercise in the New Year. Hopefully at least one of these ten tips will help you! Sometimes it takes … [Read more...]

My New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

With a New Year right around the corner, you’ve probably started thinking about your resolutions, but have you taken into consideration how the activities you chose to participate in now will help you Get Old?Get Old is an initiative developed by Pfizer to challenge people of all ages to rethink what it means to Get Old and take a more active role in their health and quality of life at every age. The activities and choices we make today have a significant impact on the way we age in the future. This includes our diet, how much sleep we get, whether or not we exercise and how we … [Read more...]

Fitness Goals and Meal Planning….The End of a Great Year!

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL few weeks celebrating the Holidays and hopefully you all had a little time like me to take a break from the computer and spend some quality time with family and friends. We stayed in Washington and since we don't have any family nearby it was a very quiet Christmas (well not exactly quiet as 3 kids are the complete opposite of quiet) but really a great one. Seeing the kids' faces light up at everything from baking for Santa to donating their old toys, made this one extra special. We sure did miss our family though! Here is my belated Christmas card to all of … [Read more...]

Lacking Motivation? Join My 30 Day Health Challenge!


Summer is coming to an end. I know many of your kids have already started back, but we are a little on the late side here starting the end of next week. I was thinking the start of school year felt similar to the start of the calendar year and you know how everyone sets goals and resolutions that time of year. I've been eating too many treats over the summer with my kids and want to jump start some motivation as we get back to a crazy activity-filled schedule. I have a soon-to-be kindergardener, a preschooler and a 9 month old and we will be starting the kid's activities soon too including … [Read more...]