WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} RD Edition


Hi friends! Can you believe I've never participated in a WIAW post? Jen from Peas and Crayons hosts it and it's where bloggers write a post about everything they ate in one day and link it up every Wednesday- mostly because it's fun but also to share ideas and inspiration. I am normally too scatterbrained to remember to photograph all my eats (you'd think I'd have that down by now), but when I got tagged by a fellow Dietitian, Carissa of Fit 2 Flex, for the RD edition of WIAW I had to participate! This is RD version started by Carlene of Healthfully Ever After where RDs all over the world … [Read more...]

Meal Planning: Week of April 14th


Hi friends! I am having problems with my photo editing software so I can't upload any photos until I get the issue resolved (and yes I could use other programs like iPhoto, which I might have to do in a pinch but I prefer to wait). So bear with me this week as there might not be any new recipes with photos :( I decided to go back to my usual meal planning method this week because my mom is in town and sometimes winging it, like we have been doing, causes more problems such as hungry, cranky children. It's grilling weather for sure here in the Pacific Northwest- sunny and in the 60s. … [Read more...]

Basic Family Meal Plan


Ugh meal planning. What used to be one of my favorite things to do on the blog has now become quite the chore. Having a newborn, plus 3 other little ones in the house and a husband who is missing from the table, makes it quite a challenge to cook dinner. First of all, the kids couldn't care less if they have eggs and toast or a gourmet meal so it makes it hard to put the energy into it. Plus they have different tastes than I do so they end up complaining anyway. It didn't bother me when my husband was around to eat with me, but now it doesn't make sense. It was hard when I was pregnant with … [Read more...]

4th of July Recipes

Blackberry Cobbler | www.nutritiouseats.com

Well I am 12 weeks along in the pregnancy and although nausea is improving, I still have little motivation to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm. For those of who know me well, this is very unlike me. It's upsetting because I really want to eat good, healthy, homemade food, but I just can't prepare it right now. We've been having one too many cereal and smoothie nights around here. Who wants to come cook for me until I am back to normal?!! If I were hosting a party or get together for the 4th of July these are a few recipes I'd love to try... all from Cooking Light (including the … [Read more...]

Blueberry Granola Bars & Meal Planning

Blueberry Granola Bar-2

Who doesn't love a good care package? My mom sends the best ones and her most recent included some of these granola bars for the kids. There are few store-bought granola bars that I like. Most of them are filled with preservatives and junk so whenever I get a chance to make them I do. After we gobbled up the ones my mom sent, I got the recipe from her so we could make another batch. She originally made them because she wanted to recreate a oatmeal bar I had made when she came to visit us, but it turns out hers were different enough that I needed her recipe too! It calls for quite a … [Read more...]

Roasted Vegetables and Cheese Tray Appetizer & Meal Planning

Roasted Vegetable & Cheese Tray

Ahh, Halloween is over and two of my children's birthdays have come and gone and now I can focus on family visiting for Thanksgiving and our trip to San Diego! Plus I can hopefully crank out lots of recipes between now and Christmas- such a busy time of year! In the military typically when you move to a new assignment you are assigned a sponsor, someone who assists you in becoming familiar with your new post and all the in-processing you have to do. For whatever reasons, we have never had one take care of us but we were so excited to be able to sponsor another family who recently moved here … [Read more...]

Cheese Glorious Cheese & Meal Planning


Forgive me again for a few quiet weeks of blogging. We just got back from vacation and now our move to Seattle is quickly approaching (about 5 weeks away). I am motivated to get these closets cleaned out ahead of time so that I am not scrambling at the last minute. I also have to find our new neighborhood, a rental house and schools for my kiddos. Yikes! Cooking and picking up the camera amidst all of this is a bit overwhelming, but my family still has to eat so I will do my best to continue posting. I have a feeling they will be pretty simple meals from here on out. Today I don't have a … [Read more...]

Meal Planning

I am on vacation visiting my family in Texas and I've left my husband to fend for himself for over 2 weeks. Terrible, right? Just kidding, I couldn't do that. I have to admit, when we got married almost 8 yeas ago I could not wait to cook for him and later our growing family. He was never a big cook anyway. I know he managed to feed himself when he was single, but he happily sat back and let me take over my housewife title, including cooking well-balanced dinners every night. When he realized I was going to be gone for so long, he said "what am I going to eat"?! Then he jokingly blamed me … [Read more...]