Eat the Colors of the Rainbow {National Nutrition Month}

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It's Friday and it's been one heck of week. Here's a recap: soccer, dance, gymnastics, hubby out of town, water in house turned off because some irresponsible housewife forgot to pay the bill (ahem), had my 6 year old son's first tooth pulled yesterday (long story but it's been loose for a very long time)......I am SO ready for the weekend. The positive of this week is that it has been successful for my running. I think I have narrowed down some choices for the half marathon that I will run hopefully sooner than later. This week I did a 4 miler, 5 miler, 4 miler and will do 10 miles on … [Read more...]

Tips for Busy Women: How to Satisfy Sugar Cravings #SweetnessToGo

Have you ever been so busy, yet all you can think of is eating something sweet? This could apply to any woman with a sugar craving, but for those that work full-time or are always on the go you have to do some extra planning to manage these cravings. It isn't enough to just pack a lunch these days. Breakfast and snacks often need to be considered too.  … [Read more...]

Eat More Veggies

It seems like everyone I talk to these days is on a new diet/eating plan. Atkins, Paleo (caveman diet), DASH, Vegan, Gluten-free.....and what do all these ways of eating have in common? They encourage vegetables! Research may be inconsistent among different dietary trends, but one thing that always remains constant....VEGETABLES are good for you! The only mistake you can make is by not eating them. If nothing else this year, work to get more vegetables into your diet. Things you should know: ALL vegetables are healthy (yes, even white ones!) so include a variety of the … [Read more...]