Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus & Meal Planning

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

I have mentioned before that I love serving vegetables for appetizers. They fill you up on less calories plus it's just nice to get extra veggies into the meal. These are a little more sinful than regular roasted veggies because of the addition of the salty crispy prosciutto. They've got the red and green going on which makes them perfect for a Christmas party. I love that they are so simple to make and require very few ingredients which is something I look for when planning an appetizer spread. Some prosciutto can be extremely salty so make sure to compare the packages at the store (there … [Read more...]

Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls & Meal Planning

Southwestern Eggrolls-2

Here is a recap on what you've missed on Nutritious Eats: I am doing a September Health Challenge (feel free to start it whenever you can- it lasts for 30 days). I will be posting the daily challenge to my facebook page, twitter and instagram so make sure to follow along. Need some healthy kid lunch ideas? This post is for you plus I'm giving away a lunch kit to TWO readers- perfect for your kids! You have until Tuesday at 12:00pm CST to enter. I am sharing today's recipe with you because I LOVE it and because it's a perfect example of why it's so great when my readers engage in … [Read more...]

Greek Salad Bites


One of the things I will miss most about moving is our monthly Bunco group. It's such fun girls night out and so convenient because most of us live on post so we aren't driving more than a few miles. We each bring a dish to share, booze and a $10 gift to exchange after we are done playing. Hopefully I will find a new group in Seattle because I love it! Anyway, I was stumped for our last potluck until I realized I had so many things to use from the pantry- I went with my ultra-rich, fudge brownies and decided to balance it out with something a little healthier. I had tomatoes, an english … [Read more...]

Barbecue Snack Mix


Is Christmas seriously 9 days away!? The time is going by SO fast...there is so much I intended on doing that probably won't get done. It's so easy to lose track of the true meaning of Christmas so I have to remind myself that it's ok if I haven't crafted, written letters to Santa, bought wrapping paper, etc. I laugh at the fact that I have my advent calendar full of activities but every day I forget to pull out the piece of paper telling us what that activity is supposed to be. It doesn't mean I haven't done any of them, just not on the calendar's time. We did make Gingerbread houses, … [Read more...]

Healthy Kid Lunches: “Kebobs”


I have been brainstorming fun lunch ideas for the kids and threw these together this week. The kids loved them. I just put the big platter on the table and let them pick out what they wanted. It was funny to watch how my kids ate these. I told them one end was a little sharp and to be careful. Then they took everything off the kebobs and used the sticks like chop sticks to eat everything. They were having so much fun using the "chop sticks" that they even ate the lettuce and tomatoes without force! Success. These might not be appropriate for school lunches depending on the age of your child … [Read more...]