Simple Ways To See The Bright Side

Simple Ways to See the Bright Side

This week I am looking on the bright side.... Part 1: When Training Doesn't Go As Planned I was going to run a half marathon last weekend. I found out about it not too long ago and didn't mention it because I wanted to be certain I was ready. Two and a half weeks ago I worked myself up to 11 miles and felt great. I was happy with my pace and my endurance during long runs. I felt ready. Until right after that long run when my right foot started hurting. At first the pain was all over the bottom of my foot, then it remained around the ball of my foot. I rested for a few days then continued … [Read more...]

Stress Management for a Healthy Lifestyle

Oahu, Hawaii

We are on day 3 of the DietBet I am hosting. I am so exited that over 30 people joined, making the pot $875! I know that I have been very aware of what I have been putting in my mouth. I usually eat healthy, but totally admit to shoving a piece of bread with peanut butter into my mouth as I race around trying to get the kids where they need to be and calling that lunch. I really need to work on sitting down to a real meal for lunch that includes other food groups. I somehow fell out of this habit so plan on working on this. Today we're talking about stress. Yes, it's totally related to … [Read more...]