Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls {Vegan, Gluten Free}


  The world of blogging really jumped on the snack ball bandwagon. I am pretty sure you'd be hard-pressed to find a food blogger without a "ball" recipe on their blog. And for good reason. They're the perfect snack. I started making balls over 6 years ago  (sorry if "making balls" sounds weird to you, but I simply can't call them anything else) when we were living in Austin and I wanted snacks to have on hand while I was nursing my firstborn. I made them very simply with peanut butter and oats and dipped them in melted chocolate. To this day they are one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Black Bean Sloppy Joes {Vegan}


Hi friends, stopping in for a quick visit, a quick recipe along with some iphone pics. I'll I have to say is having 4 young children in the house is HARD, to say the least. My goodness, even with my mother helping we are barely getting a chance to shower at the end of the day. Only 1 of the 4 kiddos is in school full time so it's all about juggling drop off & pick up schedules, feedings, naps, extra curricular activities, etc. It is loud,crazy and wonderful. I am enjoying all my sweet cuddle time with my new baby girl. She is already 3 weeks old and I will have an update for you soon … [Read more...]

Chickpea and Squash Sorghum Salad {Vegan, Gluten Free}


When I made this frittata, I had half of a butternut squash leftover so decided to throw together a quick grain salad to have for lunches all week. I had a bag of Bob's Red Mill Sorghum that I received from the food blog conference I went to last month and wanted to give it try. You could easily substitute any grain you have on hand- farro, bulger, quinoa, wheat berries. (random note: the following photos are taken with my new iphone 5s camera- big improvement from my last iphone cam but still not quite as nice as my DSLR (which the first photo was taken with)) Today sorghum remains … [Read more...]

Roasted Tomato Soup with Basil {Vegan and Gluten Free}

Roasted Tomato Soup with Basil |

Goodbye September, let the craziness begins! October officially marks the start of the fun, albeit insanely busy time of year- not only is there excitement from the Holidays but my 3 kids have upcoming birthdays- one in October, one in November, one in December along with my birthday, and then baby #4 is due the very beginning of January. This time of year always flies by so I enjoyed one of the last few weekends where we really had nothing to do. I got home from church yesterday and wanted something warm to fill my tummy. We've had nonstop rain all weekend and I just felt like cozying up … [Read more...]

Chocolate Banana Soft Serve “Ice Cream” {Vegan}

Banana Soft Serve Vegan "Ice Cream"

Hi friends! I am back from vacation and am up to my ears in things to do. I haven't shared this news yet because I wasn't sure I wanted to, but I think I need whatever support I can get. My husband will be deploying soon (because of privacy/safety reasons I won't say when) but we have a lot to do before he leaves. I don't know how I will ever get through this "to do" list or being without him for that matter. Of course being pregnant makes this time much more difficult and emotional but I am trying not to think about it too much. For now, we just need to get prepared so that I can feel … [Read more...]

Polenta Bruschetta and Meal Planning

Polenta Bruschetta |

I hope you all had a great weekend! I know after my last post you are all waiting in suspense to find out the results of my foot's xray and I am happy to say that I do not have a fracture and am half way through my rest period!  It was actually a good weekend to skip the long group run as it was chilly, rainy and the kids had early soccer games. I am so curious if I will feel ready to run at the end of this week. I guess we will see!? So the recipe for today- polenta bruschetta. I'll have to admit I am pretty indifferent about polenta. I have had it before where I loved it, but more times … [Read more...]

Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potato and Cabbage Salad

Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potato & Cabbage Salad-1

I am so happy to be sharing this delicious Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potato and Cabbage Salad recipe today. I had envisioned making this all weekend and really meant to get a post up on Sunday but it was just one of those days that I literally ran out of time. We got home from mass around 11:30am, the weather was gorgeous- a warm 50 degrees with blue skies and the kids thought it was so warm that they decided to play with the water hose in their swim suits! No joke. My Texas born children now think 50 degrees is swim suit weather. I baked some breakfast cookies that I had hoped to post but … [Read more...]

Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce & Meal Planning

Tofu Lettuce Wraps

A couple days after I posted my last post  about the weight loss challenge I am hosting, DietBet was featured on the Today show! What great timing! If you need to lose some weight, don't forget to join! The game starts in 8 days so if you need that extra push and motivation to start losing weight, don't hesitate! It will be fun! I just started cooking with tofu last year when I experimented eating vegan, otherwise it was never something I'd consider buying. Why would you buy and cook tofu when there are so many other flavorful foods I thought?!  Although I still could live without it … [Read more...]

Introducing ZipList’s Online Recipe Box and a Recipe for Jalapeno-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

Jalapeno-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup-1

If you missed my last post, make sure to check out my Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal and pretty please VOTE for my recipe. It literally takes a few seconds and you will be entered to win $1,000 gift card! Wouldn't that be perfect for the Holidays? If my recipe wins I will be featured in Quakers newsletter which would be pretty cool (maybe not as cool as $1,000 though!). You can vote up to 25 times to increase your chances of winning but it ends Monday night. Let's do it! Before I get to today's recipe I am excited to share a brand new feature on my blog. All my recipes will now have a blue "save … [Read more...]

A Surprise From a Neighbor and Recipe for Spicy Gazpacho


I have wanted to make gazpacho all summer. It has been way to long since I made it last, but then fall arrived and I got over it. Then two things happened: we had a burst of lovely warm weather and our neighbors dropped off a gigantic basket full of vegetables from their garden (carrots, bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, tons of tomatoes, chili peppers). I was a bit in shock that neighbors who we really don't know that well would give us so much! It was very heart-warming and reminds you that there are kind people all around us. So after the shock wore off, I looked at the beautiful … [Read more...]