Turkey Chili

I really can’t believe it’s October, one of my favorite months! My son was born this month and he’ll be turning four in a couple weeks, plus Halloween is such a fun Holiday. My son basically forced me to commit to a costume (and I am the girl who never dresses up) so I decided on the tradition witch. Anyhow, In the spirit of the autumn season (ok, well maybe it’s “fall” everywhere else but in Hawaii it is still in the 70-80s) and because I’m dreaming of cooler temps, I decided to make a nice pot of chili. Let me remind you that I am in 70-80 degree weather and have no AC and I made chili.

See how desperate I am? I even ordered a Gingerbread spice latte the other day from Starbucks (in the middle of the afternoon heat) just because it reminds me of when I lived in Boston. We’ve lived here a little over a year now and I really miss the cooler temps. Not that Texas was a “chilly” place to live but at least there was some variety in the weather.

This chili is so yummy and perfect to make ahead because everyone knows chili tastes better the next day. You can change up the protein- last time I made it I used 1 lb Italian turkey sausage and 1/2 lb ground sirloin (because the kids requested hamburgers that night and I had extra meat), but I included my favorite combo in the printable recipe below . This makes a huge batch so bring a friend dinner (that’s what I did), make it for Halloween night or freeze some of it. Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong making the full amount. Whip up some cornbread to go on the side and you can have dinner ready well before dinnertime. I LOVE make-ahead meals. Enjoy!



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  1. Amy says

    This turkey chili is the tastiest I have ever had! Melanie made this for my family and I when we were all sick last week. It really is the perfect meal to bring a friend. Full of flavor, just a hint of spice, and very delicious on the 2nd day, too! Definitely a recipe I will be making for my family this fall (even in the warm weather) and keeping in my recipe box forever. Thank you, Melanie!

  2. paige shelton says

    I made this on Monday night for us and the Dukes. It was delicious! Definitely the best turkey chili that I’ve ever had. Even passed the husband “really… turkey?” test. :)

    Thanks Mel!

  3. KatieE says

    Loved this! We had friends over for dinner tonight and everyone loved it … and just like Paige said, they were all surprised it was turkey! Thank you!

  4. Shan says

    the BEST chili EVER! made it for just Mark and me, oh how we love the leftovers! Most delicious one-pot winter meal I’ve had in a long time.

  5. Stefanie says

    Melanie, just looked this up to make for tonight- it’s great to be able to find your recipes online! Thanks for making us a chili meal before we moved, we will think of y’all tonight when we are enjoying a warming dinner in the bitterly cold northeast. Best to your family! -Stefanie

    • Melanie says

      Aww, thanks so much for the message Stef! You would not believe it’s been clear blue skies and highs in the upper 50s/low 60s for the past few days and this week. It’s hard to imagine it’s still so cold places! I hope you are enjoying your new home. Post some pics to fb please! And hope you enjoyed the chili! xo

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