Vegetarian Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich

Think you’ll miss meat in your sandwiches? Try this!

I made this tasty sandwich a while ago….weeks after I created this one. It was hearty and very satisfying for a vegetarian sandwich- such a refreshing change from our typical lunch. The herbed flavor goat cheese is just scrumptious and I love anything with basil leaves on it.

These are simple ingredients to pick up if you want to make lunch for a friend, pack for a picnic or take to work for a brown-bag lunch. You can make as few as one or as many as three sandwiches using these ingredients, then you’d need more red bell peppers. You can always roast the bell peppers yourself. I just happened to have this jar waiting to be eaten.

I always remove a little of the bread from the inside of the rolls mainly so that I can taste the filling more than just a mouthful of bread. Enjoy!

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