Watermelon Fizz & Meal Planning Monday!

I’ve never really liked the word “foodie”. I am not sure why. I am, however, a so called foodie. That I know. It is simply an informal term for an aficionado of food and drink. From Wikipidia, here is the difference between the term foodie and gourmet: “the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, foodies differ from gourmets in that gourmets are epicures of refined taste, whereas foodies are amateurs who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and news. Gourmets simply want to eat the best food, whereas foodies want to learn everything about food, both the best and the ordinary, and about the science, industry, and personalities surrounding food.”

Luckily this foodie has had the pleasure of living in some pretty great cities for dining: San Antonio, Austin, Boston, San Diego, Oahu….oh and we can’t forget about Fort Leonard Wood. Juuuust kidding. I do live here, but it’s not great for dining. There are no cool cafes, wine bars or fancy 5 star restaurants. Not much at all. This makes a foodie very sad. There is however, a Ryan’s steakhouse, a Cracker Barrel, a Waffle House and a Ruby Tuesdays!

I’ve learned to adapt (especially since we have kids and no family nearby anyway), to suck it up and just cook even more at home. If I am desperate for a break in the kitchen I will just have to go to one of the chains. Cool restaurant dinners are not in our dating cards for the next year.

We did try Ruby Tuesday’s twice over the last month and we were surprisingly very pleased with it! Much better than Chili’s or some of the other American restaurants in my opinion (although it’s been ages since I’ve been to those places). The hubby had an Asian salmon with spaghetti squash and I had a mango chicken and skewer of garlic shrimp. The garlic cheddar mashed potatoes were very tasty and the salad bar was great. I can’t believe I am excited about a Ruby Tuesday’s but it’s all relative. When there is nothing to choose from, you appreciate the little things.

The point of my post- the drink menu– was fantastic. Good beer selection, good looking margaritas including pomegranite and a skinny margarita that I can’t wait to try. The wine was very inexpensive and they had all these fun non-alcoholic drinks. Pregnant woman’s dream!

So my husband and I shared a Watermelon Fizz, a low calorie, carbonated, non-alcholic beverage. As soon as I had a sip I thought, this is so refreshing…I can totally replicate this at home! And I did.  I always love finding low calorie, fun drinks to sip on during pregnancy and this one is perfect. Whip up a batch if you are having a luncheon or a friends over. I think it would be great with vodka too!

On to Meal Planning Monday! To all of my new followers from the Blog Hop, on Monday (well usually by Sunday evening) we plan our dinner menu for the week. Just post what you’re having into the comments section. It helps get you organized and have a plan. Plus you can read what others are having which will hopefully get you some ideas!

Menu for the Week of August 8th

Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Shells, Salad, Sauteed Portobella Mushrooms

Homemade Falafel in Pita, Tabouli, Tzatziki (trying to master this- last time I used canned garbanzo beans, this time I’m using fresh)


Bean & Guacamole Chalupas, Salsa, Mixed Sauteed Veggies (whatever we have on hand)

Vegetarian Rice Noodle Salad


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  1. says

    The watermelon fizz sounds great! Thanks for coming up with the recipe and sharing.
    I usually plan my meals over the weekend, but I didn’t do it this time!! Oops. I know I will be having tofu stir fry at least one night and then pesto chicken with sweet potatoes and zucchini :)

  2. says

    love this what a fun drink and bless you its hard when you really love food to live in so so foodie towns its not amazing in Winston Salem either

  3. Gretchen Hokenson says

    Here is our menu for the week. Our five nights of football continues, plus a birthday for my baby who is three on the 8th, and try a twice a week karate class for my other son=busy evenings once again. Meals will be simple and the crock pot will be used again.
    Sunday- We had a birthday party with the family for all three of my children. So we had pizza, fresh fruit, and cake and ice cream
    Monday– we will have wraps with fresh fruit and carrots, and red pepper sticks
    Tuesday–chef salads
    Wednesday–Crockpot meatloaf (a new recipe shared from a friend) I will be making two to share with the smiths, served with mashed potatoes and maybe roasted brocolli.
    Thursday–Left overs
    Friday–chulupas with fresh fruit and veggie sticks
    Saturday–Breakfast tacos with fruit.

  4. Dana says

    Sunday-Turkey pesto burger, GREAT recipe, thanks for sharing! kale chips, sweet potato fries

    Monday- Marinated Flank Steak, new potatoes, roasted asparagus

    Tuesday-Tomato/ Basil Chicken, Pesto Pasta, Sauteed Spinach

    Wednesday- Your Vegan pancakes, eggs and bacon

    Thursday- Leftovers


    Saturday-Pork Tenderloin, Baked Sweet Potatoes

    • Gretchen Hokenson says

      Dana, I finally tried the cauliflower mashers. Except for the fact that I used WAY to much garlic (I love Garlic so I always throw extra in, which was a mistake in this case) They were a big hit. We will definately be making them again. Thanks for sharing! Also your tomato basil chicken sounds really good. I think I have your flank steak recipe which is really good as well.

  5. Dana says

    i made up the tomato basil chicken recipe myself and Peter and i really like it. fill roasting pan with grape/cherry tomatoes- halved, fresh basil- cut, shallots and fresh garlic- cut in large chuck. Roast at 375 for 20 approx. minutes. Pound boneless chicken beast thin. make bread crumb mixture with 1/2 bread crumb 1/2 panko and whatever Italian seasoning you want. coat chicken in egg beater then bread crumbs then saute in pan with a little olive oil and some olive oil PAM. Top cooked chicken with a wedge of Laughing Cow and the cooked Tomato Basil mixture. i serve it with whole wheat pasta mixed with store bought pesto sauce and a green vegetable. The kids do not like the chicken so they just eat the pesto pasta and the veggie.

    • Gretchen Hokenson says

      Yum, I will most certainly add this to the list to try some time. Like a very light chicken parm. Really sounds good!

  6. says

    I WILL be making that, sans the sugar. I can’t wait!!!! Watermelon in fridge begging me!

    I am not meal planning this week, I am stumbling through! But here are a few things on my list of what I have tried:
    “tacos”- romaine lettuce wrap, filled with dressed shredded cabbage, unsalted black beans, fresh salsa and avocado slices. YUM.
    Finely chopped kale mixed in with romaine, lightly dressed with grape tomato halves and a few pistachios.

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