Friday Favorites

This week was slow. It dragged for me, yet here we are again on Friday. Funny how that happens.

My husband was out of town for work for 5 days and it made me wonder how the heck I made it through that 9 month deployment. Man, the beginning of Dad being gone is always the toughest.

I hoped to get more cooking in but that always seems to be the case, but let’s see what I was loving on this week’s edition of Friday Favorites.

Favorite food

There were no really amazing dinners with the hubs being gone this week. It’s a miracle that I got the kids fed, bathed and to bed on time. This caprese salad will always be a favorite because it involves no real recipe and it’s so darn good. All mine!



Favorite product

I’ve told you about my love for Nuttzo before, but I think I’ve only become more obsessed. This jar is my beloved. It’s all for me. I eat a big ol’ spoon of it everyday and I don’t share. Organic 7 nut & seed butter in chocolate and so good.  I am proud to be one of their loyal Ambassadors. To get a 15% off your Go Nuttzo order, use the promo code nutritiouseats-15



Favorite tool

I have mentioned this before but I am loving Cooking Light’s online meal planner. I don’t use it for a true meal planning because I make a lot of my own recipes, but it gives me ideas just based on the photo gallery with easy to access recipes. And now I know I am making falafel next week for sure!


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.37.13 PM


Favorite picture(s)

We walk the older kids to school everyday so the two littles ride in the bike trailer or double jogger and when I looked over as we were waiting on big brother and sister I saw this…..and about died.

Cuteness overload!!


I LOVE how he’s holding her leg in some and foot in some. I seriously just stare at this pictures and smile.

IMG_5912 IMG_5913


One more….I. CAN’T. HELP. IT. SO. CUTE!




And before I go (I could’t really fit this into today’s favorites) for all you Twilight fans this might be of interest, my husband spent the last 5 days stomping through the woods in Forks, Washington. He doesn’t know much about the Twilight series but that is where the books were based so I made sure he came back with pics from his motel room. How funny is that?


Cheesy Twilight wall art



P.S. If you were interested in ordering some Jamberry nails, my party closes today September 12th – shop HERE!

Questions: Are you a Twilight fan? I loved the books, not so much the movie. Any favorites this week?

Apple Pico de Gallo {#YahooFood}

Apple Pico de Gallo |    

When I was in graduate school I became friends with a fellow RD intern whose parents lived in Cabo San Lucas. She invited me and another one of our classmates to go hang out there one summer. I fell in love. Not only is it gorgeous, but the local fruit stands, taco shops and markets add such character to the Mexican town.

Apple Pico de Gallo |  

We stayed for a full month (yes, lucky us!) because her family was kind enough to make room for us, and I have such great memories of going to the market to pick out our produce. Tomatoes, cilantro, onion, lime and peppers were the usual suspects. Coming from Texas, I am used to eating a lot of salsa and pico de gallo but I never really made it until then, well that was over 10 years ago.

Now there are so many fun twists on salsa and this Apple Pico de Gallo, posted by Julia Bainbridge, one of the contributing editors on Yahoo! Food really caught my eye. I love using apples different ways in the fall, especially since we are seeing a lot of them in our CSA box.

Yahoo! Food has an awesome variety of recipes, articles on top food trends, tips on the nest new cooking tools and techniques and other food inspiration. With an all-star team of editors, Yahoo! Food has partnered with some of the best publishers in the business to bring you their expertise and ideas, including Bon Appetit, Epicurious, Food52, Martha Stewart and more.

Of course I had to go with something fresh and healthy but I might make these easy Salted-Toffee Chocolate Squares next! Oh goodness do they sound good!

Apple Pico de Gallo |

I love the way Yahoo! Food is set up, it’s on digital magazine, not a blog- the photos pop and there is a variety of intriguing video clips and other articles. You’ve got to check it out! I started salivating when I saw the quick video of the apple pico de gallo recipe and I am SO happy I decided to make it because it’s quite honestly the BEST thing I have eaten in awhile (well besides my grilled veggie sandwich).

I am not exaggerating- the sweet apple, mixed with the tart tomatillos and spicy jalapeño (which I used instead of a serrano) is a winning combo. My new obsession for sure. Move over tomatoes.

Apple Pico de Gallo |    

Apple Pico de Gallo is perfect to eat with chips or serve over fish, chicken or salads.  Here’s what you’ll need to make this simple, fresh, raw salsa….

Go to Yahoo! Food for the exact measurements and rest of the Apple Pico de Gallo recipe.
I just wish I could take credit for this one!

Apple Pico de Gallo Ingredients

Green apple
Diced tomatillos
White onion
Clove garlic
Serrano chile
Cilantro leaves
Fresh-ground black pepper  

The only changes I made was that I added extra lime juice and subbed a jalapeño for the serrano pepper. SO SO good.  

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Friday Favorites

photo 4

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