Cheese Glorious Cheese & Meal Planning

Forgive me again for a few quiet weeks of blogging. We just got back from vacation and now our move to Seattle is quickly approaching (about 5 weeks away). I am motivated to get these closets cleaned out ahead of time so that I am not scrambling at the last minute. I also have to find our new neighborhood, a rental house and schools for my kiddos. Yikes!

Cooking and picking up the camera amidst all of this is a bit overwhelming, but my family still has to eat so I will do my best to continue posting. I have a feeling they will be pretty simple meals from here on out.

Today I don’t have a recipe to share, but I was just thinking about this yummy cheese tray I made at my parent’s house. Doesn’t a cheese tray make the best appetizer? When ever I visit, I go to the Whole Foods in town and pick up several of their small, sample sized cheeses. They are perfect 1) because they are cheaper, around $2.00 per sample 2) they are a great way to experiment with the different cheeses without committing to buying a huge hunk. I also picked up an “pear paste” which I paired with a smokehouse blue cheese. Phenominal and that is coming from a gal who doesn’t even like blue cheese! I always prefer a simple water cracker so that the flavor of the cheese can come through. No point in just tasting cracker! Can’t have a cheese tray without wine!

This is why I couldn’t be strict vegan. Cheese is too good and when it’s an occasional allowance, it makes it even more special.

The one with cranberries was divine and that there blue cheese was the first blue cheese I’ve really enjoyed. It was very mild.

oh how I love you cheese!!!!!!!!!

Meal planning this week will utilize a lot of pantry and freezer foods. I have a lot of chicken in the freezer as well as some shrimp, so I plan on using that up. It’s always a good idea to take inventory of your freezer and pantry items every few weeks and make sure those items make it onto your menu plan. The shelf life of most meats (beef, poultry, fish, etc.) is around 6 months. Check out your stash today and put it to good use this week! Hope you are having some great Spring weather where you are!

Menu for the Week of March 25th

Leftovers- BBQ chicken, Pinto Beans, Tortillas, Mixed Greens Salad

Oven Fried Chicken, Butternut Squash Fries, Arugula Salad


Coconut Shrimp, Cilantro Rice, Grilled Veggies

Soccer practice- something quick like quesadillas, sandwiches, Leftover Grilled Veggies


Vegetable Lasagna (will try a new recipe from a friend)

Question: What are you planning this week? Are you trying any new recipes? Feel free to share partial plans too!

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  1. Gretchen says

    Here is our menu. Greg is traveling a ton so we are having a kid friendly menu.

    Sun– asian noodle salad
    Mon–Brittany veggie laden pasta sauce with artichokes, kale, kalamata and a host of other goodies with some sort if veggies this will be doubled for the smiths
    Tues– baked potatoes
    Wed–pizza frozen for two kids, homemade gf for one kid, and vegan for me on a flat out with leftover pasta sauce from Monday
    Thurs–blt and a veggie sandwich for me
    Fri & Sat– we are going with the smiths so we will come up with a vegan gf menu I am excited at the possibilities.

  2. says

    Ditto for me…hubs is gone all week. So lots of easy stuff. Teaching in the evenings and getting kids to their practices AND cooking much = not gonna happen.
    Sunday- crockpot pintos (I added some candied jalapenos I bought at a farmer’s market yesterday in place of the sugar. I am so excited about how they will taste)
    Monday: Gretchen’s pasta
    Tuesday: Mashed cauliflower/potatoes with peas and asparagus (didn’t happen last week)
    Wednesday: Oven roasted new potatoes, peppers, onions, and Brussel’s sprouts. (didn’t happen last week)
    Thursday: leftovers
    Fri and Sat: Camping with Hokeys. :)

  3. Dana M. says

    Sunday- spinach omlets, banana nut pancakes , friut salad
    Monday- asian lettuce wraps, wontons
    Tuesday- chicken parmesean, sauteed broc, pasta
    Wednesday- cobb salads
    Thursday- steak, roasted vegetables and new potaoes
    Friday- pizza with leftover rosted veggies, on potabellas for mom & dad, salad
    Decided to watch Forks over Knives after talking to you and britt & gretchen. Currently doing more research in how we can make it works for us.

  4. says

    Who doesn’t love a blog post titled, “Cheese, Glorious Cheese!” ??? I too love cheese, and would have a hard time following a vegan diet for this same reason. Your cheese board looks so pretty I want to host a wine and cheese party :-) I am just getting ready to put together my weekly meal plan~I’m thinking cilantro rice and butternut squash fries sounds like pretty yummy sides! Good luck getting ready for your move!

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