Hummus & Avocado Veggie Sandwich

Meet my new favorite sandwich- it’s not just vegetarian, it’s vegan and it’s delicious. I am on day 4 of my week long adventure eating vegan. Occasionally (and I mean occasionally) I like to try out a different diet (or rather way of eating) just to get a better understanding of what my clients on restrictive diets go through. This week I am excluding all animal products, including meats, diary, eggs, honey (although my husband argued that this is from an insect and shouldn’t count) and any grains made with these ingredients. Since I am only doing this for a week, it hasn’t been bad at all. I did have to pick out a different bread that didn’t have milk in it, the rest was pretty easy. I’ve been a soy milk drinker for since college so that wasn’t a big deal. I haven’t bothered buying any soy cheese or other dairy alternatives, but I haven’t missed them much. If I were doing this longer I would definitely stock up on soy yogurt, coconut milk, etc. I do miss chocolate, but I can deal for a week.

I tell you, once you try a vegan diet you realize how liberal a vegetarian diet is (one that just excludes meat/fish/poultry/seafood but includes dairy and eggs). It’s not like I miss eggs, it’s just hard excluding every single thing made with eggs. You’d be surprised how many products you wouldn’t expect that are made with milk and/or eggs! Places I didn’t expect to find eggs/dairy: several of the whole grain breads, all the Morning Star Vegetarian products, certain crackers, etc. It definitely took me longer to shop this week, but it was good practice to remind myself of what products have what ingredients in them. The snacks I’ve had to omit this week are my Greek yogurt and/or my baked products made with eggs/dairy. Not too difficult, however knowing that it’s only for a week makes me happy. I wanted to dig into the rotisserie chicken in the fridge last night, but had to restrain myself.

So I have a few vegetarian sandwiches to share and I will start with the easiest one! Even if I wasn’t doing the vegan thing this week, this is something I’d eat all the time. I honestly get sick of lunch meat anyway. I do love chicken salad and green salads, but I crave this one much more. This sandwich takes minutes to throw together. Take some fresh ciabatta bread (or some fresh crusty wheat bread would be yummy), drizzle on some olive oil, layer on some hummus, avocado, pickled jalapenos, baby romaine, sliced tomatoes and shredded carrots. You’d be surprised at how much flavor marries together between the hummus, oil, avocado, jalapenos and juice of the tomato slices. I am sure a slice of cheese would be yummy too- something like havarti or feta. If you absolutely don’t want to use jalapenos, try subbing some olive spread or chopped Mediterranean olives. I use the hot jalapenos which have a little kick but not much. Go with mild if you prefer.

If your bread is really thick I suggest removing a little like I did on the top slice of this sandwich. I just took a knife and hollowed out the bread a little so that it was so much bread. It allows for the filling to really stand out.

I realize this is super simple and not some innovative recipe, but it’s delicious. You will definitely wonder why you haven’t been eating these all along.

I am not including measurements, just layer it on as desired and enjoy your vegan sandwich. Perfect to serve at a luncheon option in addition to a meat sandwich.

Have you ever followed a vegan diet? Did you find it easy or difficult?

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  1. Gretchen Hokenson says

    Yum, I am going to costco today and going to pick up the ingredients to make this sandwhich. Sounds so good! Once my boys go back to school and I find myself with a bit more free time during the day, I am hoping to start eating a veggie based lunch. I am dying to get those blasted last five pounds off, it has been years:)

    • Melanie Flinn, MS, RD says

      I have loved eating so many veggie lunches too Gretchen. I think I am going to try and stick with it. It changes things up for sure. I added this quick note to the recipe- it’s not that important:
      Once you slice bread in half and before toasting, remove some of the inside dough on thicker side so that there isn’t too much bread. This will allow for the flavor of the filling to really stand out. 😉 Enjoy

      • Gretchen Hokenson says

        Ok, so I got all the ingredients I needed yesterday, and just had your sandwich today! YUM! You made me a happy girl, seriously I think I could eat it everyday (I even took a picture because it looks so pretty and healthy). Did not miss meat or cheese in the least bit. I have never thought to add jalapenos on anything not involving beans and cheese, and I have learned my lesson. Loved them on a sandwhich. Seriously, it is so simple yet so perfect! Great, great Sandwich!

        • Melanie Flinn, MS, RD says

          I am so glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to tell me! I started to wonder if it was just a weird pregnancy craving because I’ve had them 3 days in a row for lunch. Glad to know you liked it too :)

  2. says

    When I say my mouth is watering, it is an understatement. It is gushing! I can’t WAIT to someday be able to add this back in (can’t really do any bread yet). You took 2 of my favorite things in the world and combined them! Hummus and avocado! Ingenious! And then the stinking jalapenos!!! I can’t wait!!! Thank you!

  3. says

    Hi Melanie,
    It’s my first time here! I have tried vegan on and off, the longest vegan period was 8 days. I haven’t had meat (cow, pork) for about 3 years, with a few exceptions. I can’t do the vegan thing all the time, I find it too resrtictive and my famiy is not on board, making it even more difficult.
    I found what works best for us is eating a well balanced whole food diet.
    Your sandwich looks awesome! I love all those flavors!

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