Vegan Pancakes & Meal Planning Monday!

Whether you are vegan, cooking for friends and family who are vegan or just run out of eggs and cow’s milk, this is a fantastic pancake recipe. A friend posted it on her family blog a long time ago and I filed it in the back of my brain because I love pancakes and love trying out new recipes. Then when another friend recently switched to a vegan diet in efforts to help alleviate some medical issues she is having, it made me think of this recipe. I had to google vegan pancake recipes until I found the one I thought it was the suggested recipe.  I tried it and loved it. You can hardly tell the difference. The cinnamon really comes through which I just loved. This rivals my favorite regular blueberry pancake recipe which I used to make all the time. I probably make this one once a week now. I altered the recipe slightly by using whole wheat pastry flour and added blueberries. So if you need to cook breakfast for someone who can’t eat dairy or eggs, you have a great recipe!

This is the key to making these light and deliciously healthy vegan pancake- whole wheat pastry flour. It is my favorite flour to use in waffles, baked goods, breads, pancakes, etc. It definitely has a lighter texture than regular whole wheat flour.

I have had problems finding this flour before so you might want to check your grocer with the best health food section. I have yet to make these with any other flour but feel free to substitute what you have. I am sure you could use gluten-free all purpose flour too if you need to make these gluten-free.

I seem to have a constant supply of blueberries in the house because they’re so inexpensive right now. I did try these plain and they were great, but even better with the blueberries and slicing up one or two bananas into the batter would also be yummy (my second favorite pancake after blueberry). Sometimes I make these for the kids’ lunch. Easy, healthy and delicious! I don’t usually figure out nutritional info on recipes because it is very time-consuming but my husband wanted to know how these compare to cereal. I did the math and each pancake has 2.5 grams of sugar (excluding natural sugar in blueberries) so depending on how many you eat, how much syrup you add (they don’t need much at all especially when you use the blueberries which create a little syrup of their own when they are warm), this breakfast can easily run you less or the same sugar as a bowl of cereal. Just in case you were wondering….

Moving on to meal planning. If you currently don’t give your meals a thought during the weekend, I suggest by Sunday afternoon, you jot down a few things you want to make. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to have a plan; it will most certainly cause you to eat more healthfully throughout the week. When you’re hungry and aren’t prepared to cook, the drive-through or take-out restaurant looks a lot more appealing. If you have a super busy schedule, try out some easy recipes like this pancake one- serve it with fruit and scrambled eggs and there is little stress involved.

Menu for the Week of July 31st

Tex-Mex Calzones, Salad with Grilled Corn

Shrimp Caesar Salad (didn’t get to this last week), Bean & Cheese Tacos for Kids

Summer Lemon-Vegetable Risotto, Green Salad

Chicken Soft Tacos, Guacamole, Slaw

Lasagna (haven’t made one in ages- not sure what kind), Green Salad

Take-out or Homemade Pizzas

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  1. says

    Okay, those are now on this weeks menu!!!! Thank you!!! The kids will be so excited! And we have the most delicious organic blueberries right now. I have been putting off going to HEB because I couldn’t wrap my mind around what to eat! There are so many options. But I want the kids to be excited about this, too!

    Sunday: Rice paper spring rolls with 3 dipping sauces, served with blueberries (posting this recipe tonight for a friend) [We already ate this as a late lunch. Kids helped make it. They rate everything I make 1-10. One of mine gave it a 100 (no lies!) the other a 6…which can be VERY hard to come by bc she is EXTREMELY picky. Success!]
    I will also be making a vegan dessert from one of the books. I will let you know how it goes!!

    Monday: Leftover butternut squash and red chard risotto for me ( and Sweet Gretchen is helping fortify my meat eaters with Red Beans and Rice.

    Tuesday: Vegan tomato basil soup (posting recipe tonight) with grilled cheese and cantaloupe.

    Wednesday: Vegan blueberry pancakes!!! May even have to throw some sausage in there for them.

    Thursday: Bean (and cheese for the fam) burritos with guac. served with roasted veggies.

    Friday: Calif Pizza Kitchen as all sorts of new stuff including great vegan and gluten free options. Really hoping to get to go there :)

    Melanie…this is a huge help each week for me. Thanks!

    • Melanie Flinn, MS, RD says

      I am so glad it’s helpful! I couldn’t stand trying to figure out what we’re eating each day. I have been wanting to make spring rolls for the longest time. Sounds so good to me right now. Funny- I have risotto on the menu too. I haven’t made it in years!

  2. Dana says

    Sunday- Tomato Basil chicken, Pesto pasta and sauteed spinach. This was the first time I tried to serve pesto to my kids and they LOVED it. -Who knew, Thanks Melanie for helping me to think outside my box.

    Monday-leftovers, cooked a lot over the weekend and husband will be out of town

    Tuesday-Sweet Bell Peppers stuffed with a combination of veggies and boca crumbles with ?

    Wednesday- Going to try your turkey pesto burgers since pesto went over so well, Kale chips and sweet potato fries

    Thursday- Gretchen’s Margarita Marinated Chicken with Mango Salsa. It is really good, you should ask her for the recipe


    Saturday- Steak, New Potatoes and Asparagus
    Have a great week!

    • Melanie Flinn, MS, RD says

      I am so glad they liked it Dana! I will have to get the chicken recipe- I’ve heard you guys talk highly of it !

  3. says

    Yum, the pancakes sound fantastic ! I have never used pastry flour for pancakes. I think that’s pretty neat. And whole wheat pastry flour? Even better!
    I was just thinking about lasagna the other day, and how I am Italian and have NEVER made it! Crazy, right?! I need to one day…

    • Melanie Flinn, MS, RD says

      That’s funny Gina. Lasagna is actually super easy to make. I guess it’s not the perfect summer dish, but I’m in AC all day anyway :)

  4. Gretchen Hokenson says

    Here is the menu for the week, football begins for one of my boys along with our evening say adios. So our meals are either fast, or crock pot.

    Sunday–Dinner at the family’s for a birthday, I made two apple pies for the birthday boy.
    Monday–Crock pot red beans and rice with fruit x 2 for the smith omnivores.
    Tuesday–Pasta salad with black beans, a loads of veggies, dressed with vinagrette with fruit as well.
    Wednesday–left overs
    Thursday–Baked potatoes with turkey bacon, brocolli, cheese, and greek yogurt
    Friday–Fish with cauliflower mashers (didn’t get this made last week) and some veggie or fruit depending on what is in the fridge.
    Saturday–the crockpot will be making another apperance (don’t want to spend my one free night in the kitchen) I will be trying a recipe from my sis-in-law called chicken ole she says it is similar to king ranch chicken so we shall see.

  5. Amy says

    Aloha! I’m a couple days late in getting this posted, but I finally made it to the commissary last night! I have been inspired to try 4 new recipes this week beings I am feeling better enough to get back into the kitchen!

    Sunday: spaghetti and steamed broccoli
    Monday: pizza (courtesy of my gorgeous sister giving us a gift card for our birthdays!!)
    Tuesday: Fish tacos and rice
    Wednesday: Peanut sauced chicken pitas
    Thursday: Country quiche with asparagus, fruit
    Friday: Meat Loaf Minis and roasted potato salad
    Saturday: out!

    Have a great week!!

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