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  1. Joan says

    I ave been searcing for years for a recipe I lost during a move wit my hubby when he was in the Marine corps. It was a meatless meatloaf. First of all, I must tell you, it did not have any meat substitutes or tofu or any of that yukie stuff.
    The ingrdients that I can remember for sure was… cottage cheese, cereal flakes (like special k),and pecan meal. A friend of mine found a possibility through a Seventh Day Adventist chief. It looked very similar, but when I made it, it wasn’t. :(
    I would really like to find it again. It smelled and tasted just like a real meatloaf, but without any meat.
    It was like finding the mock apple pie recipe on the side of the ritz cracker box, looked and smelled like an apple pie, but without the apples.

    tks for any help.

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